Background information

Rationale for the International Art Exchange and Scope of the Broken Hill Art Exchange

The Broken Hill Art Exchange allows artists and cultural practitioners to connect and engage different cultural practices, communities, audiences and collaborators.

The Broken Hill Art Exchange has a unique voice to enabling further insights and greater visibility of the multiverse spaces of art.  The arts ability to evaluate and forward plan is often a reflection of the disparities in access to infrastructure and related skills. Supporting  BHAE, a volunteer based Not for profit Charity, driven by those working in the sector, will help power new portals to the arts; music, dance, literature, audio-visual arts, cultural heritage, visual arts and culture.

Where the digital divide has always been a constant constraint for regionally isolated areas, where connectivity is impeded. The electronic digital phenomena of the Web, mobile phones, new technologies and devices, social media, e-commerce and artificial intelligence is reshaping the entire cultural value chain in the arts and society, globally. In this space the way we access and participate in arts and culture and notions of inclusion are fundamentally altering the experience of the world and our relationships to each other.

When national culture planners making recommendations and funding decisions for the arts, it is based on the availability of evidence, case studies, research, and engagement in international best practice. The Broken Hill Art Exchange is broadening its presence by having developed an interwoven approach to connectivity between the arts, culture and community.

The first is its Artist Residency Program enabling the first-hand experience of place. It offers the freedom of movement for creatives to experience aspects of distance and belonging.  There are also examples of dedicated programmes and projects designed to support the arts sector to work in new environments. The second is our International Arts Exchange, a space on the world wide web where creators can share the value currency of connectivity (personal costs and expenses) to accessing new markets. Supporting Culture in the Digital Age increases knowledge about the sector across new sectors and players in the cultural value chain, to understand and meet audience needs.


The Broken Hill Art Exchange SHOWROOM is a strategy to optimising and leveraging the even distribution of opportunities to our members. Our members showroom offers a simple and free way to optimising the visibility of artistic expression in a crowded online market.  Making art discoverable presents enormous opportunities, choices and barriers because navigating this space from creation to production on the world wide web requires time, skills, and the tools. The SHOWROOM exhibits Artists Profiles and a Shop to promote your talents, and sell goods and services.


Digital technologies and tools transforming artistic and cultural practices is impacting the way artists and creative practitioners work. BHAE’s Workshop registry provides services to individual, communities and other sectors and it’s an opportunity to increases awareness and access the cultural and creative industries.  


By supporting the Broken Hill Art Exchange you are supporting the arts and culture sector, as content producers in an age of machine learning and artificial intelligence, to preserve intangible cultural heritage.  Support artists, groups and organisations to understand, engage and respond to the digital world and the cultural and social changes it induces informs ideas about diversity and a common culture. Supporting the Broken Hill Art Exchange will help it adapt to and embrace new technologies to leverage partnerships within the arts and beyond the cultural sector. Such support has implications for the arts and culture at a national level of policy making, investment and promotion.

By Susan Thomas

The Broken Hill Art Exchange acknowledges the Wilyakali people of the Barkindji Nation as the tradition custodians of the land on which it operates. We pay respects to Elders past, present and emerging and seek to work with First Nations people towards reconciliation.

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