Exhibit #73:
"The way of the past"
by Charlize Cattermole

"My artwork is focused on fishing and sustainability. It tells the story of our ancestors and how they learnt to fish and hunt sustainably, only taking what they need. The design on the frame is the river and the different hunting and fishing areas within."                     

Sculpture Polymer clay sculpture on frame                   

27cm x 27cm x 1cm 

 Exhibit #74:
by Morgan

"Textural piece mimicking earths natural raw beauty.

Textural art plaster on canvas     

80cm x 120cm

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Morgan by email.

 Exhibit #75:
"vital measures"
by Chris Fraser

"Water, precious water.
Essential for all- flora, fauna, food, humans...
It is important that we take the necessary steps/measures to preserve our waterways.
Speak out, question, encourage, be water wise. Appreciate the power of water in the growth of life forms."

Painting Fluid acrylic inks and paint pen on watercolour paper             

35cm x 57cm

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Chris by phone 0474130571

 About the artist:

I have pursued the development of a personal, even quirky, art style since childhood. I enjoy exploring colour combinations, patterning, line work and nature. As a recently retired teacher of VCE Art I value the increased time that I now have to bring many concepts and interests together in my work.

 Exhibit #76:
by Susanne Jones

"Many walks, the same path, changing directions, into the centre and out."

Painting Acrylic on Canvas 61cm x 46cm

About the artist:

 Continuing to arrive in Broken Hill

 Exhibit #77:
"Vacation Waveaholic"
by Annika Herrgård

"My artwork ‘Vacation Waveaholic’ is an expression of love and passion for water and waves. This art piece symbolizes vacation and waves embracing a sandy beach. The artwork supports sustainability through recycling of textiles. It is made of a used T-shirt that would otherwise have been thrown away. "

Painting Mixed media on canvas    60cm x 90cm (gallery wrap, depth 4 cm)

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Annika by email .

 About the artist:

I’m a scandinavian designer and abstract artist. My paintings are inspired by nature and my passion for the sea. The sea symbolizes freedom to me and helps me both in being mindful of the present and in dreaming big.

         Exhibit #78:             

"Sister GlitterNullius Responds to Coronavirus"

by Juundaal Strang-Yettica

"Sister GlitterNullius asserts that, the air-borne coronavirus, is a symptom of the Earth's compromised immune system and is a direct result of our human addictions to colonising, capitalist and consumerist behaviours. Ironically, parallelled with a pop-culture film from 2011."

 Video Short video, filmed with my android phone & edited.00.00 - 00.54 seconds

 About the artist:

I am a Bundjalung-Kanakan woman b.1968, with a disability, studying visual arts. My practice is concerned with confronting difficult issues, complex, relationships, social engagement, building capacity and the urgent need for creating bridges and sharing knowledges in the face of the Anthropocene.

 Exhibit #79:
by Susanne Jones

"Star Fire is all fire the birth the death and the return."

Painting Acrylic on Canvas     61cm x 46cm

 About the artist:

Arriving in Broken Hill has changed the way i work.

 Exhibit #80:
"When the Plastix Madness Hits: The Transformation of Sister GlitterNullius"
by Juundaal Strang-Yettica

"As a nun of the Anthropocene, Sister GlitterNullius' DNA has been infected by micro-plastix. Her mind & body are sites of colonisation. Morphing into a bird, she has a love-hate, hypocrisy fuelled, enmenshed & complex relationship with all things plastic & therefore her own identity."

Video Filmed with my android phone.00.00 - 01.49 minutes

 About the artist:

I am Bundjalung-Kannakan b.1968, visual arts student, with a disability. There are enduring themes of identity, Indigeneity & vulnerabilty in the face of confronting human & non-human, relationships in the Anthropocene. Sister GlitterNullius is a conduit for acknowledging the need for equality.

 Exhibit #81:
by Peter Osborn

"My work is a stonefired raku clay ceramic sculpture that expresses the flow of the river system in which I live. I have allowed it to follow its own form representing the natural paths of the rivers. Its glaze includes river silt from the Darling at Bourke."

Ceramic sculpture stone fired raku clay with natural glazes                           

approx 20cm x 20cm

 About the artist: 

I am a visual artist living in SE Queensland working in ceramics and drawing/painting. At present I am completing a PhD at USQ which centres around the relationship of humans to nature, that we are in essence part of the natural world and that is essential for our future to show respect and care

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Peter by email

 Exhibit #82:
"Cultures Intertwine"
by Alfred Welsh

"The Mannequin and the Didgeridoo intertwines the Maori (Ngapuhi) and Aboriginal cultures together through the Totems and flags on the Mallee Gum tree.
The Red Kangaroo skin Didgeridoo holder is the support for these." 

Sculpture Wooden sculpture, Acrylic Art and a Native skin pouch. Didgeridoo- 128x79x7cm Didgeridoo Holder- 80x13x13cm and Mannequin - 85x40x20cm

 About the artist:

I’m a NZ Maori living in Broken Hill for my second year and a school teacher.? Due to Covid, I have been doing a little Art and Craft and Gardening recently.

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Alfred by email

Exhibit #83:
by Jennifer Matthews

"The elements in nature brought by Fire leave traits upon the natural environment, that can be read as evidence of the power of nature. While walking in the bush I photographed an anamorphic scorched Gum Tree which had the appearance of a human limb hemorrhaging. This was caused by a wild bush fire."

Sculpture, Glass, Red Gum bark.

34cm x 34cm x 5cm.

About the artist:

On viewing my work an audience will have the opportunity to interpret these magnificent fragile marks left by nature which will inform them and hopefully expand a greater appreciation and understanding of this unique language in nature.

Exhibit #84:
by Loki

"Instinct and fate drives us to different possibilities, though they're born in in the same firey etherealness of unformed passion within."


Prize winners will be announced on December 3rd 2021

Prizes are awarded for each category Earth, Fire, Air & Water: "Far West" and "Everywhere Else"  as well as under 18.  From these, the overall Desert Equinox Art Challenge 2021 winner will be selected.

The Broken Hill Art Exchange acknowledges the Wilyakali people of the Barkindji Nation as the tradition custodians of the land on which it operates. We pay respects to Elders past, present and emerging and seek to work with First Nations people towards reconciliation.

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