Exhibit #19:
by Pamela Moore

This Photo/Painting is a imaginary landscape depicting "Wind and Air" transforming and reshuffling the once calm landscape.I am a mixed- media artist and have many different ways of working usually involving nature.

Photo/Painting on glass or paper.                       

23inches x 2inches

About the artist:

I am a mixed- media artist and have many different ways of working usually involving nature. Instagram or website with resume:  I am in numerous collections such as The Performing Arts collection at Lincoln Center in NYC

Exhibit #20:
by Susan Thomas

‘Nature is not made of particles but fluid like substances (invisible fields) that ripple (wave) through the universe’. If the reality of a coin, its force, reflection & movement in space were calculated by a dominant object/ particle myth how would the ‘gravity’ of such things manifest in society?

video  37secs

About the artist:

Susan’s art questions the hidden dimensions of electronic devices and other media. She explores representations of the material world informed by intuition, science and experimentation.

Exhibit #21:
by Armando Licul

Life at eye-level in the rainforest. The irony of symbiosis in nature is that species are often prey to one another, so who gets to survive in this encounter? My reflection on life on earth... in general terms. ;)

Collage Acetate on glass, sealed in epoxy               

450mm x 450mm

Exhibit #22:
"Godhead of Air"
by Luke Brohman

"In this photographic art, I've explored the element of air within the body, the way it possesses and moves us. The model is a close friend I've witnessed as a Priestess of Air, and so I invited her to embody the element through gesture, motion, shape and symbol. Through abstraction, a being emerges."

About the artist:

Devoted to communication and beauty, I use photography, film and graphics to convey a story of the things at the edges, and the beings beyond. I'm interested in the spirits of shape, symbol and gesture, and I seek to question the line between self & other, wild & domestic, natural & artifice.

Abstract Photography Digital print on canvas                   

30cm x 45cm

Exhibit #23:
"Noctiluca scintillans"
by Carl Milton

"Bioluminescent algae known as Noctiluca scintillans flourishes in waterways and oceans where there is high nutrient run off such as fertilizer or storm water."

Painting - acrylic collage on archival paper.                 

29.5cm x 21cm

About the artist:

Like the wave and particle process of quantum, Carl’s art practice is not set in concrete. It oscillates between representational depictions of the world in which we live and paintings of the various neurological, chemical and hormonal energies which create our inner world.

Exhibit# 24:
by Annette Herd

"Even in the darkest of times there is always a way forward."

Drawing, pencils and gel pen on paper,

A3 - 297mm x 420 mm

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Annette by phone 0408089064

About the artist:

I have only started spending time with visual art a short while ago. I am a very spiritual person and have worked as a healing practitioner for almost 30 years. My intent as an artist is to guide and uplift and allow the energy of the artwork to embrace the viewer and vibrate out into the world.

Exhibit #25
by Dave Doyle

Wontanella is Barkindji for "many waters" and is used when talking about the lake system.
I wanted to show the fragility of this system especially with the recent water mismanagement issues, and show how they relates to the surrounding landscape - a landscape dry and parched relying on these waters

Sculpture Metal relief sculpture (I actually do not know)recycled fridge door, packing tape, epoxy resin and aluminium

100cm x 60cmx5cm

I am of Barkindji and Malyangapa descent and spent most of my life living at Menindee.
My art is of my connection to my ancestral lands and culture.

Exhibit #26:
by Carl Milton

"My painting is a personal interpretation of the energy field of petrichor. The rich and fecund life enhancing scent of the earth after rain is what is known as petrichor."

Painting Acrylic on archival paper                          

30cm x 21cm

About the artist:

My art practice is increasingly inspired by the fascinating times of transition in which we live. We are on an unknown trajectory. My hope is that new paradigms for being and living in the world emerge so that we can evolve into our full human magnificence.

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact artist by phone 0412478087

Exhibit #27
"Failing to scratch the surface - an airy spatial displacement"
by Susan Thomas

"Scratching the surface doesn’t prepare soil for planting, just as I fail to scratch the airy transparent reality of this technology. Electromagnetic waves with unbounded shape transform scale & magnitude. It can absorb/reproduce ones likeness, but reflects nothing of itself for cultural criticism."

Video art, MP4, 1min

About the artist:

Susan explores the obfuscation of object / subject relationships through the use of electronic communication technologies and devices. She explores the variants of time and space and how it is measured and represented.

Exhibit #28:
"Feeding Frenzy"
by Laura Moverin

A small piece painted in acrylics about fish.

Painting Acrylic on canvas 

30cm x 30cm

About the artist:

I’m a Brisbane based poet and artist.

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Laura by phone  +61478196970

Exhibit #29:
by Armando Licul

"Exploring the inimitable feeling that true fear is sometimes manifested as fear of one's own potential. Fear of self, fear of what one has at their core, but can never describe or explain."

Sculpture - Plastic, epoxy resin,

approx 1000mm height x 600mm wingspan

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Armando by email 

Exhibit #30:
"Bungle Bungles"
by Hyun Ju Lee

My inspiration is derived from photography of the Bungle Bungles, which I then modify through shape, colour and simplicity. I tend to play with composition and re-shaping the objects with the use of primary colours.

Painting Oil on Canvas             

90cm x 120cm x 3.5 cm

About the artist:

My landscape pieces explore the unique Australian environment, spirit, its history and how it has been impacted by the people that reside there from my point of view as the non Australian

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Hyun by email 

Exhibit #31:
"Seagull Medley, St Kilda Beach"
by Elizabeth Blackmore

St Kilda Beach is the home of many flocks of Seagulls. They  use the air effectively in their daily operations and are able to change the shape of their wings, depending on their needs. Their manouvers  are impressive.A series of photographs of  seagulls. taken at St Kilda.

Framed photographs.             58cm x 32cm

About the artist:

A retired English teacher who moved to Broken Hill to embrace the art culture so evident here.

Exhibit #32:
by Hannah Bertram

"If its not evident in the work then this piece shouldn't be exhibited"

Performance for video

Air, breath, dust, time              Duration 1 min 36 seconds

About the artist:

When I die my ashes will weigh about 9 pounds. My artworks may weigh less than that.

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Hannah by email.

Exhibit #33:
by Jennifer Wilson

From the Genestreams sculpture at Twin Creeks, Porongurup, the beautiful Stirling Range is visible. The Noongar people call it "Sleeping Princess", or "Koikyenunuruff", which means mist swirling around the mountains.

Wall art on canvas Eco - dyed strips of paper woven and attached to a canvas.

31cm x 122cm.

About the artist:

My love of country drives all my work, whether paper, textiles or other media. I love to use the actual flora to print onto natural fabrics and paper. I hope my artworks encourage people to appreciate the beauty of the land, its plants and its creatures.

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Jenniferby email or phone 0476641951

Exhibit #34:
"Exploring the Underworld"
by Elizabeth Blackmore

There is another world in  the  water, whether you are simply swimming or surfing off  the  coast,  or exploring the challenging, vast and sometimes,  dangerous  ocean world.                         

About the artist:

A retired High School teacher who moved to Broken Hill, to explore the desert  and the excellent Art World which exists here.

Painting on canvas.Acrylic on Canvas                 

60cm x 70cm

Exhibit #35:     
"Forever Temporary"
by Kathy Graham

"Forever Temporary reflects the impacts that we as humans, should have on our planet. The clay foundation has come from the earth and strengthened with fire. Woven materials taken from the earth are both man made and natural elements juxtaposing the mortality of nature and longevity of man's impacts."

Sculpture-Clay, wire and plant material.             

15cm x 19cm

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Kathy by email.

About the artist:

Kathy Graham is a Broken Hill artist who primarily focuses on working with clay and experimenting with primitive firings. She often juxtaposes her works with natural materials such as native grasses and other plant material to highlight the mortality of the works and life.

Exhibit #36:
"Mother Earth - Abundance"
by Carol Seeley

"This is an expressive, textural painting, celebrating the abundance of the”natural” elements that mother earth shares with us - light, sun, rain, earth, pigments, colour, life… all we need to thrive, grow and create."

Painting Acrylic                         

66cm x 66cm x 3.5 cm

About the artist:

I am a Margaret River Region (WA) abstract artist. I paint joyfully, immersed in my passion. Bold, expressive, textural, colourful art. Recently, my piece “Filling in the Silences” was acquired by the City of Belmont art collection- a highlight of 2021.

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Carol by email.

The Broken Hill Art Exchange acknowledges the Wilyakali people of the Barkindji Nation as the tradition custodians of the land on which it operates. We pay respects to Elders past, present and emerging and seek to work with First Nations people towards reconciliation.

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