Exhibit #55:
"Octo Flower"
by Tanya Hineman

"My sister absolutely loved this piece, so I gave her the original for her birthday. My sister is the one that said it reminded her of half octopus, half flower, and came up with the name.T."

Drawing Pen and pencil   A 3

About the artist:

The artwork had a life of its own, and became a fluid, gently emotive extension of myself.Mandalas have a way of taking me to another state that often surprises me with its outcome.

 Exhibit #56:
"Air - Yhi"
by Meredith Connie

"Air is a medium filled with possibilities. It is constantly changing and conjures potential, so I wrote a work that expresses a sense of change and unpredictability. Also present is the Goddess Yhi, a febrile being of growth, change and a volatile feminine force, expressed through a restless drive."


 About the artist:

I am a storyteller that uses the medium of music. I am a composer, performer, classical guitarist, educator, and creator of “narrative guitar” storytelling.These elements are combined together to explore the intersection between narrative and music, between live performance and recorded soundscapes.music composition and performance

 Exhibit #57:
"Cybele, Mountain Mother"
by Simon Harris

"A reclining mountain goddess contemplates her environment. Composed of rocks as ancient as the landscape, she waits patiently as the ephemeral humans burn through their mayfly lives.
Massive, serene and timeless she comforts us and lends us wisdom, permanence and hope..."

Drawing Graphite                     

680mm x 1000 mm

 About the artist:

I strive to use the primeval power of rock to express the purity and dignity of the human form stripped of racism, sexism and ageism.

My drawings are an amalgam of my love of the human form, respect for the first artists of the stone age, and awe for the majesty of this most ancient of materials.

 Exhibit #58:
"Jupiter's Run"
by Sara Elizabeth Joyce

"An unbearable landscape of fire and acid where only the gods may roam leaving behind a path of gold from Jupiter's Lightning rod.Working with resin in the movies."

Resin Art Painting Resin Art, pigments, gesso, on a frame I built from ply 

60cm x 1200 cm

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Sara by email 

  About the artist:

I started teaching resin art in 2016 and have been pushing the boundaries of what resin can do ever since and for the medium to be recognised as more than ocean landscapes, and into a fine art form.

 Exhibit #59:
"Turtle Family"
by Greg Wellington

"Family of turtles swimming with the current".

Painting Acrylic on canvas     

60cm x 50cm

 Exhibit #60:
"Arid Distance"
by Susan Severino

"I image the massive scale, the raw movement of eroded features and the skeletal strength of arid NSW. I walk the land recording colour, topography, jagged rocky surfaces, changing light and contrasting deep dark shadows. Earth's arid land is my theme."

Painting oil on stretched canvas

76cm x 102cm x 33mm 

 About the artist:

I walk the resistant rocky outcrops, ridges and plains of arid Fowlers Gap and create small Plein Air studies to use in my Sydney studio. I have exhibited numerous times with the aim to challenge my viewers to place themselves within its isolation and value such a unique and beautiful place.

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Susan by email

About the artist:

My first crossing of the Darling Barka at Wilcannia 35 years ago exposed our country’s soul to me and my own to it. My art has sustained me Wholly in that time. Thank You

 Exhibit #61:
by Albert Woodroff

"Living between Silverton and my property on the Darling Barka River; I have felt both the joy and torment of the sacred River. Experiencing a Flush after the bloodstream proves the river is an artery and the land it’s muscle has happened just twice in my 34 year connection. Now at 73, observation, compassion and patience have become close companions."

Painting Acrylic polymer on canvas                     

1.640mm x .560mm

 Exhibit #62:
"Twin flame"
by Morgan

"Intense like the power of fire such is the connection between Twin flames"

Textural art EPS board. Plaster. Acrylic                                     

60cm x 120cm each

 About the artist:

This work is for sale by the artist.

Contact Morgan by phone +61406215054 or email.

 Exhibit #63:
"Reach for the Sky"
by Louise Addison

"Reach for the Sky shows the juxtaposition of the city vs the desert landscape with majestic sculptures compared to crowded buildings; the desert light vs the city lights."

Painting Acrylic, Ink & Paper on Canvas                         

70cmx 50cm 

 About the artist:

Radge is my creative alter ego who signs my art.I am a graphic designer & surface pattern maker who creates art for fun across a range of mediums.

 Exhibit #64:
"The Birth of Sister GlitterNullius"
by Juundaal Strang-Yettica

"Sister GlitterNullius, is an Indigenous woman, born from Saltwater into the hypocrisy dilemma that is the Anthropocene. A nun, imprisoned by her love-hate relationship with plastix and all things, consumerist, capitalist, catholic and post-colonial. Her Ancestors call her, if only she could hear..."

Short video, MP4, (00.00-02.01), with my phone.video(00.00-02.01) minutes

 About the artist:

I am a Bundjalung-Kannakan, woman studying Visual Arts at the University of Wollongong, a re-emerging artist. My practice is concerned with complex human & non-human relationships in the Anthropocene. I hope to build bridges, not mirrors...

 Exhibit #65:
by Morgan

"Papatuanuku in Maori mythology is our Earth mother. This piece represents her raw and imperfect beauty. Her rough but dignified grace that has weathered all storms and only enhanced her beauty."

Sculpture EPS foam, plaster

60cm x 90cm

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Morgan by phone +61406215054

 About the artist:

Paying homage to my ancient ancestors I use my love of art, design and texture to tell my stories much like ancestors before me. Inspired always by nature, her incomparable beauty and uncompromising spirit.

 Exhibit #66:
"Burning Pain"
by Omar Viglino

"The nature elements can often be compared to the elements of life.
Fire like pain consumes us.
Fire has the task of destroying things, thoughts, illusions and even ourself, who through the fire that burns everything, sometimes we intend to get rid of what makes as suffer."

Photography (not photoshopped) Photography

90cm x 90cm

 About the artist:

My creative works are influenced by my curiosity in physics and technology. My technique is inspired by perception. How we see objects or people is often based on our first impressions until we get to know them more and unveil their true character.

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Omar by email.  

Exhibit #67:
"Atonement 1"
by Michele Donegan

"I have collected natural objects from the earth in the places that I frequent including Broken Hill and Tawonga (meeting place). There are various seed pods and sticks wrapped in red and placed back on the earth.  They appear as bleeding treasure representative of our tragic indigenous history."

Installation Natural found objects, sticks, seed pods, cotton, wool, acrylic yarn     

30cm x 70cm x 60 cm

 About the artist:

I am a sculptor and collect things from nature that may otherwise go unnoticed. The act of noticing, collecting, transforming and displaying pays homage to country. My work explores history and memory that is deeply embedded in place.

 Exhibit #68:
"Frida’s wings"
by Morgan

"Inspired by Frida Kahlos quote 'feet, what do I need them for when I have wings to fly'"

Textural art   

80cm x 100cm & 80cmx 100cm

 About the artist:

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Morgan by phone +61406215054

 Exhibit #69:
"A Damper Tea"
by Michael Jones 

"Warm of fire keep the hope n life in the middle of difficulties."

Painting Oil and Acrylic (mix) on Linen                                   

120cm x 90cm x 3cm

 About the artist:

An Artist who get inspired and love Broken Hill because of it's nature condition. The painting tell about one of basic tool survive in dessert , fire to cook ,keep warm and protecting on wild nature

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact artist by email

 Exhibit #70:
"Colour Earth"
by Joanne King 

"The strength of the earths colours dominate no matter what is added on the surface. This is especially evident in the dry outback. Whether it is through the vegetation, or in rock formations or the creek beds. If we look at the ground, there is always something different to see."  

 About the artist:

My art piece is hand rolled and thrown fibres into felt.This had produced the wonderful background for this embroidered piece.

Mixed media.Embroidered handmade felt on canvas     

60cm x 60cm

 Exhibit #71:
"Snake Island"
by Verity Nunan

"Water comes and creates an island in the middle of Menindee Lake, Snake Island. 2 hour canoe later, I arrive on a beach and an electric fence separates the beach from the veg. Further along the beach, two bodies, one stuck in the fence, marooned cows. We forgot about them. Water can make us forget."

Painting  Oil on Canvas.         

120cm x 120 cm

 About the artist:

At the moment my practice involves building a relationship with the River Red Gums. I need to work out if I’m crazy or if they are really speaking to me. If the latter is true then I'll attempt to paint their stories.

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Verity by email

 Exhibit #72:
"Wind bride"
by  Louise Helga Scheunert

"My artwork is a skulpture, made of clay, a Woman figure having a new Vision ….Brain and Heart connected…Full of creativity!"

Sculpture Clay sculpture         

30cm  x 21cm x 19cm

 About the artist:

I am 70 years old….i love Meditation and my Art is a creation out of an inner space.

The Broken Hill Art Exchange acknowledges the Wilyakali people of the Barkindji Nation as the tradition custodians of the land on which it operates. We pay respects to Elders past, present and emerging and seek to work with First Nations people towards reconciliation.

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