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Exhibit #1:
"Desert Sculptures"
by Elizabeth Blackmore

"This painting shows 3 aspects of the drama of the desert.The abandoned car faces a solitary journey to oblivion.The dead bush, gives the impression of a bird about to fly. The animal bones, are a memorial to its existence. These sculptures are a testimony to the power of the desert."

3 framed photos adhered to a wooden painted canvas.             

89cm x 49cm

Exhibit #2:
by Carol Seeley

Ever present in our thoughts.

Acrylic on canvas,             

760mm x 810mm

About the artist:

Carol loves creating beautiful, bold, colourful, textural, abstracts. Carol lives in the beautiful Margaret Region of Western Australia.

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Carol by email.

Exhibit #3:
"Planet Earth is Blue..."
by Maureen Clark

"Planet Earth is blue"

Oil painting on canvas

300mm x 300mm

About the artist:

I am an amateur artist who feels there is a story to be learnt from an artwork and one to be told. I love portraiture but will try anything- abstract, traditional, acrylic, oils and watercolour. I am a member of GAARA (women artists) and Willyama Art Society art groups and Broken Hill Art Exchange

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Maureen by email.

Exhibit #4:
"A minds catastrophe"
by Casey

"Earth it seems is becoming ever more fragile, a final catastrophe impending, maybe. Just as the lava simmers away ferociously under the Earth’s fine crust just waiting to erupt, so too does the pressure of the catastrophe that is a melting pot behind the shallow facade of that saccharine smile."

About the artist:

Art is a means of pure expression for me, never caring about the aesthetic outcome, it is about being in the moment and just trying to convey, to myself mainly,what it is that is going on this world and how I relate to it at any given moment.

Throughout the clip the viewer will observe many different types of art going on from pastels to the HB, from fine canvas paper to regular scraps from the top drawer

Exhibit #5:
by David Hunt

"This is a stained glass mosaic landscape with every tile hand cut and shaped.I started this in April 2020 and only finished it two weeks ago.I’ve titled it “Dreaming” as I’ve live in Broken Hill my whole life and its the complete opposite of our countryside."

Glass tiles on timber,   

1450cm x 750cm

About the artist:

I’ve been retired for a few years now and Mosaics has always fascinated me and I thought I’d have a crack and this is the result.Just over 12,000 tiles have been put together. 

Exhibit #6:
"Time to Paint"
by Mila Hinves

"My work is about our connection with Earth in 2021 lockdown. It became a blessing as I was with my family and had so much time to paint. I saw a Hydrangea bush in our garden that went through changes in spring, that made me realise how beautiful Earth is and how little we know about it."

Painting, Acrylic on canvas,

150mm x 122mm

About the artist:

I am an 11 years old year 5 girl who loves to paint and write fictional stories. I have used watercolours before and this is one of my first works using acrylics. I have enjoyed working with layers of paint as it ‘grew’, similarly to the Hydrangea bush in my garden.

Exhibit #7:
"Their Land We Walk"
by Annette Herd

"Wherever we walk in Australia, we walk on Country. History cannot be changed, but we deny ourselves any meaningful future, if we do not acknowledge that the way forward towards a truly enriched and thriving nation is only possible, if we walk on Country together."


About the artist:

A few years ago I started writing poetry to help me sort out my own tumultuous inner landscape. My poems often surface very quickly. I knead words to define an emotion, I expand on a phrase that popped into my head or I describe an experience. Poetry for me is painting pictures with words.

Click on image to read poem

Exhibit #8:
"Coastal Bushfire Christmas "
by Carl Milton

"The east coast of NSW was ravaged by extraordinarily fierce and devastating bushfires during the summer of 2019/20. A harbinger of what is to come in a rapidly warming world???"

Painting Acrylic/Oil on canvas     

76cm x 101cm

About the artist:

Living in times that urgently require new paradigms, stimulates me to create visual imagery that provides a deeper framework of ‘identity’ beyond gender, race, religion, sexuality, culture and the multitude of labels we ourselves and society has constructed to ’tell’ us who we are.      

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Carl by email

Exhibit #9:
by Annette Herd

"In Chinese medicine the heart is associated with the fire element. It is the seat of life, beats to the strengths of our passions, burns with love, fuels our days until the fire of life eventually dies down and becomes extinguished."

Drawing - pencils and gel pen on paper,

A3 size.

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Annette by phone 0408089064

About the artist:

I have only started spending time with visual art a short while ago. I am a very spiritual person and have worked as a healing practitioner for almost 30 years. My intent as an artist is to guide and uplift and to allow the energy of the artwork to embrace the viewer and vibrate out into the world.

Exhibit #10:
"Sleeping Birds"
by Hyun Ju Lee

"This painting explores the Australian outback landscape with deep response to its own history. The panoramic view, where the land horizon and sky meet, is my first beautiful impression of the Australian outback landscape."

Painting oil on canvas                     

61cm x 61cm x 3.5 cm

About the artist:

My landscape pieces explore the unique Australian environment, sprit, its history and how it has been impacted by the people that reside there from my point of view.

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Hyun by email.

Exhibit #11:
"The Winds Of Change"
by Carl Milton

"The winds of change will blow even harder this decade. Climate change ramifications, pandemics, advanced AI and algorithms, as well as geo political changes and the merger of bio tech and infotech are all looming on the horizon. A human figure stands tall and faces the unknown. Life will change."

Painting - acrylic collage acrylic paint on archival paper     

29.5cm x 21cm

About the artist:

In acknowledgement of the rapid changes and adaptations unfolding on a multitude of levels, Carl’s art illustrates the fascinating times of transition in which we live. Carl’s art practice is located on Cadigal land at Square One studios in Alexandria

Exhibit #12:
"Water Meets Earth"
by Elizabeth Blackmore

"The shells are from Tathra Beach, and the idea to incorporate some in an artwork was obvious.  
They start life in the ocean and  often finalise it symbolically on the beaches, thus connecting the Water with Earth.    The  " Sun Shell " represents all life."

Painting  Paint and found objects on Canvas 

30 cm x 30 cm

About the artist:

A retired English teacher who moved to Broken Hill to embrace the art culture so evident here.

Moved to Broken Hill after Retirement to immerse myself in the Arts.  I have won a couple of art prizes in Vic and NSW. and find the BHAE invaluable in this endeavour.

Exhibit #13:
"Uluru in Orange Land"
by Hyun Ju Lee

This painting explores the unique Australian desert environment. The red solid land contracted with green shrubs gives me an emotional and unreal vision.

Painting, oil on canvas. 

91cm x 61cm x 1.5 cm

About the artist:

My landscape pieces explore the unique Australian environment, spirit, its history and how it has been impacted by the people that reside there from my point of view as the non Australian.

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Hyun by email

"The bush after the fire"
by Kevin R Burke

"This is a painting of the bush after the fire, the earth is scorched, the trees are burnt and the wildlife is in trouble. It made me feel sad for the animals and the trees. The air was smoky, every thing look dead apart from the colourful birds. Soon the greenery will start again."

Painting - Oil on Canvas,   

900mm x 620mm

About the artist:

I am a 65 year old gentlemen, I live with my twin brother in supported living accommodation in the Wollongong area. I have taken to painting by myself during the lockdown to pass the days, painting makes me happy and relaxed. I paint from my heart and I take inspiration from the world around me.

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Kevin by phone 0436802036

Exhibit #15:
"Ocean Dreaming"
by Tarryn Bow

"I love living in regional Broken Hill but long for the ability to travel and relax by the water."

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Tarryn by email

About the artist:

Grew up in regional Broken Hill, leaving after High School to study a Bachelor of Fine Art. Returned home soon after to work for Pro Hart.
Discovered the medium epoxy resin 3 years ago and have been addicted ever since.

Resin painting Resin on Board

Exhibit  # 16:
"After the Fire"
by Carol Seeley

"Driving through the Yarloop and Margret River regions after the catastrophic fires a few years ago, the landscape scorched, still smoldering, embers in the air, trees fallen, still alight, is burnt into my brain.  The result of these memories is this piece of highly textured art."  

Painting acrylic on canvas - framed 

60cm x 76cm x 3.5cm + frame

About the artist:

Carol produces abstract art: unpretentious, expressive, gestural, bold, bright. Carol’s art practice is one of constant exploration and experimentation.

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact the Carol by email.

 Exhibit #17:"
Boodja - Beautiful whichever way you look at her"
by Jennifer Wilson

"A textile work depicting the many aspects of country - geology, geography, plant life, etc. At first glance it is a landscape. Further investigation reveals a feminine form from many different angles. Natural substances  and  Peppermint leaves (woman tree) colour the fabric."

Stitched hand - dyed fabric collage, framed.Hand dyed fabric

150cm x 50cm

This work is for sale by the artist. Contact Jennifer by email or phone 0476641951

About the artist:

A deep love of "Boodja", (the Noongar word for country) her flora and fauna  influence all my work.  I use the local flora to produce images on the fabrics I use. My eco-dyeing work features on the interior of the first of the Genestreams sculptures located at Twin Creek, Porongurup. 

"Last Drinks On My Darling Barka"
by Clark Barrett

"Darling River water mismanagement has reduced it to a lunar landscape. 1860s European pastoral settlement displaced First Nation peoples. Cotton farms have now stopped the Barka. Blue green algae causes mass fish kills. Wonko Mary, from 1860, is offered a last drink. Ute signs help tell the story."

Painting - Acrylics                     

1200cm x 1200cm x 5cm

About the artist:

My studio work attempts to communicate a metaphysical attachment to the Far West district. Its stories, histories and unique characters. It is less a landscape and more of a region of the mind and heart. There are no mute landscapes.


The Broken Hill Art Exchange acknowledges the Wilyakali people of the Barkindji Nation as the tradition custodians of the land on which it operates. We pay respects to Elders past, present and emerging and seek to work with First Nations people towards reconciliation.

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